KAUSTCentral User

What is KAUSTCentral

An experience-oriented platform created to empower all KAUST Community members to design, experiment, and access functionalities aimed to convert KAUST into a Smart City and a Living Lab.

But it’s more than an App:  It’s also about User Centricity, Community Engagement, and Cross-Teams Collaboration to gather more ideas and create a more dynamic environment.

KAUSTCentral login is an authentication mechanism designed to empower KAUST Community Members and Visitors to have simple and controlled access to personalized experiences and services provided by multiple KAUST Teams.
If you have any issues, please contact KAUST IT Helpdesk.
Your KAUSTCentral Login has no expiration date, therefore you will remain valid until you delete it.
Yes, you can delete it anytime.
Mapping your KAUST ID to your KAUSTCentral Login account allows us to validate your identity and therefore grant you access to more services at KAUST (still being developed).
To link your KAUST ID to your profile follow these steps:
  • Click on “Generate OTP"
  • To validate your identity with KAUST ID. An email will be sent to you (if you have a KAUST email) or to your KAUST sponsor’s email with the one-time password (OTP), a 6-digit password valid for 30 minutes. Once this authentication is done, your KAUSTCentral Login is completed.
  • Type the code sent by email and click on “Authenticate”, your KAUSTCentral login was successfully created.


What is the KAUST login?
The KAUST login is credentials used by all KAUST staff, students, and post-docs to access KAUST
corporate services (ex. Portal, email, etc..)
Please contact the IT helpdesk at their Helpline or by sending an email to IT Helpdesk.
No, we are working to make sure each KAUSTCentral user is enabled to access the same set of services for which they are authorized to access regardless of the authentication account.

Additional Authentication

What is the additional authentication?
It is a verification process aimed to associate your KAUST ID with your KAUSTCentral login.
This step is required to validate your identity so we can provide you access to specific features and services that are unique to you (ex. Digital KAUST ID).
A one-time password is a dynamic code that can be used only once to gain access to a service and
then expires.
For this scenario, the OTPs are shared through KAUST corporate email system.
There are different scenarios you can select based on your status at KAUST:
  • KAUST ID security team (to be collected at ID security office located on the GA office location: In the spine at Al Khawarizmi Building) available for everyone.
  • Your sponsor’s KAUST email (residents only).
  • Your KAUST email inbox if you have one.
Once sent, OTP's are valid for 30 minutes.
Yes, you can request a new code by accessing the same screen.